Wholesale prices for excellent water heaters by European brand Wesen

Meet Wesen a Spanish company with over 25 years of expertise in electric water heaters. Wholesale prices for a high quality water heater. Wesen has built a strong reputation over the years with high-end, innovative and durable products.

All water heaters are insulated using the latest in PUR foam technology ensuring hot water for hours and hours. Actually this PUR foam insulation will cut down your electricity costs quite considerably.

What make Wesen water heaters unique?

  • Want to have hot water available rapidly? Speed up the process by hitting the power button. Now all elements will fire up at once to give you that extra power.

  • Want low maintenance? Well, two separate stainless tanks produce hardly any corrosion and you will no longer have to replace the anode as a result of that.

  • Want the heating element not to corrode and last for years to come? The 100,80 and 50 litre have sheathed heating elements.

The depth is just 10.3 inch and it is a modern-looking and slim unit. It is very low maintenance, because of the Inox steel tanks. The 30 and 50 litre units can even be installed underneath your kitchen sink. It doesn’t matter if you prefer to install them in a horizontal or vertical manner.   

  • 30 and 50 litre: tank no.1: 2x 700 watt/ tank no.2: 700 watt.

  • 80 and 100 litre: tank no.1: 2x 800 watt/ tank no.2: 800 watt.

  • 150 and 200 litre: tank no.1: 2x 1000 watt/ tank no.2: 1000 watt.

Follow the maintenance instructions of your manual and you will able to have hot water for many years to come. Erp-compliant, EU built, CE approved and up to standard with the latest UK building regulations. Wesen water heaters have a 2 year complete warrantee and anti corrosion guarantee of no less than 5 years.

Please go to our website Waterheaterstore.co.uk for more information or if you’d like to purchase a Wesen water heater.  

Wholesale prices for excellent water heaters by European brand Wesen