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This is why sim racing is so popular

Are you a part of the sim racing community? Well, you’re not the only one. The sim racing community is the biggest it has ever been. In this blog we will tell you why sim racing is so popular at the moment. 

Safer and affordable

Racing has been popular since the day the wheel was invented, but unfortunately it comes with a price. Only few people can afford a real racing car and can pay for the expensive repair bills. Sim racing is a more affordable hobby, but gives you a real racing experience. Especially the last couple of years sim racing cockpits are reasonably priced. The wider availability and varied choice makes sim racing affordable for everyone. 

Another advantage is that sim racing is a lot safer than the real deal. You can simple reset the game if you end up in a deadly crash. 

Better technology 

New technology is being released on a monthly basis. Simulators are more advanced than a few years ago. You can adjust everything to your personal preference and it makes the sim racing experience a lot more realistic. 

With new sim racing hardware being released every month, you can easily score a good deal on second-hand websites or even in the sale in online stores. Looking for professional sim racing hardware? Have a look at Simplace.

A growing community

Due to the availability of multiplayer games you can connect with other sim racing fanatics all over the world. Drivers share tips and tricks on community pages and help each other to achieve faster lap times. It is a good community to be part of and you’ll never get bored.