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Energy-efficient electric water heaters by Wesen

Wesen storage water heater with an energylabel A If you purchase the Wesen ECO 30 litre storage water heater with A label you will get one of the energy-efficient electric water heaters currently available. The Wesen ECO water heater 30 litre has the highest label currently available. The other models in the ECO series are classed label B for energy consumption.  Energy-efficient and modern looking electric boiler  Being energy-efficient is one important thing, but the manufacturer has also spent a lot of time on the beautiful contemporary design of this…

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Go with the name you know, buy an Ariston Velis electric water heater

Ariston, the electric boiler brand. An introduction.  Ariston is a subsidiary of Ariston Thermo Group and has been producing electric water heaters since the mid 1960’s. Ariston is one of the world’s most wellknown brand and sells in over 150 countries. Of late Ariston has been faced with stiff competition from brands like Wesen, a highly innovative brand. Ariston Velis storage water heaters are high end products that are energy efficient and are equipped with the latest technology. Ariston Velis stands for both comfort and style with an aesthetic appearance.…

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