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Solar cells providing power to British homes

Rising demand of solar panels in the UK Solar power is hugely popular in the United Kingdom. The UK is actually ranked 6th worldwide in the installed capacity of solar PV panels. Subsidies and low cost solar panels have helped stimulate the demand for panels enormously. 2014 alone saw that capacity jump from 2.8 in 2013 to 5 Megawatts in that year. A capacity that can supply power to one and a half million UK homes.     By 2016 around seven hundred thousand homes had been fitted with solar…

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An electric central heating boiler connected to solar panels

An electric boiler as an alternative  If you have solar panels or are planning to install them an electric boiler is perfect to provide energy to heat your house. Cut out gas by switching to electricity generated by solar power, save money and help sustain the planet. Go online and check our range of electric system boilers If you do not have gas available or you would only like to use electricity to heat your house then an electric boiler is a serious option to consider. Our electric system boiler…

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