Solar cells providing power to British homes

Rising demand of solar panels in the UK

Solar power is hugely popular in the United Kingdom. The UK is actually ranked 6th worldwide in the installed capacity of solar PV panels. Subsidies and low cost solar panels have helped stimulate the demand for panels enormously. 2014 alone saw that capacity jump from 2.8 in 2013 to 5 Megawatts in that year. A capacity that can supply power to one and a half million UK homes.    

By 2016 around seven hundred thousand homes had been fitted with solar cells. Today’s solar cells have become more efficient owing to ever advancing technology. January of this year 12 Megawatts of solar capacity had been reached.  

Solar energy forecast for 2020

The UK government predicts around 22 Megawatts to be installed by the year 2020. The governing solar industry body predicts that figure around 25. Roughly forty percent of British houses can potentially be supplied by photovoltaic cells in 2020. That means ten million UK homes could be supplied by solar power.  

How to benefit fully from your own solar cells?

You could sell any surplus solar power you generate back to your electricity supplier. But a much better idea is to use that power yourself by installing an electric system boiler, such as our brand Elterm for central heating and an electric water heater for hot water.

There are clear advantages of installing a electric system boiler: 

  • Use the generated solar energy for your hot water electric boiler and electric system boiler for heating your house

  • Ditch gas supply and all the annual cost involved, such as link-up cost, annual servicing of your old, gas-fired boiler

  • No risk of gas leakages in the house

  • No risk of poisoning from carbon monoxide fumes emitted by the gas-fired boiler

  • No yearly maintenance necessary for an electric boiler and a central heating boiler    

To underline the high quality of our Elterm electric central heating boilers we have never had any call-backs or complaints in 4 years. Nor have we ever had to carry out any repairs on the many units we have sold in those 4 years.


Solar cells providing power to British homes

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