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Showering without barriers

No matter what shower drain you want, it is very important that the drain itself is not a barrier in your bathroom. You do not want a drain that is raised from the ground, so you bump into it. Nor do you want a lowered drain, that you can get stuck in. And what is even more important is that water is quickly drained, so water does not build up in your shower. And no matter what you choose, you need a stylish shower drain, that fits with the style of your bathroom.

Stylish solutions: the linear shower drain

One of the most popular types of shower drains is the linear shower drain. This type of shower drain is a long thin strip, through which water is drained. It might seem hard to install, but with the right kit the installation is easy to do. However, because of the placement of the linear drain it is important to have a slope in your floor. This needs to be a slight angle, towards the drain. This way all the water will flow towards the drain and none will pool up in corners. When designing the shower it is therefore important to take into account the type of shower drain, because it affects the construction of the bathroom.

Barrier free

If you do not want a linear shower drain, then you can of course choose from a lot of other drains. And with the different styles that you can pick from you can always find a matching drain. No matter what you choose, your drain should never be a barrier in the bathroom. A well placed drain blends in with the bathroom and should go unnoticed, never clogging and just doing its job. When you take this all into account, you should be able to enjoy your linear shower drain, or any other kind of drain.

Showering without barriers

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