Resume Designing Tips

Did you know that the look of your resume could make a recruiter pass over you? We know that this doesn’t seem fair but there’s a little give and take that must happen when impressing the right employer. You may learn resume creation tips from a jobcoach, but we’ll go more in-depth on how to create an aesthetically pleasing resume for an employer that doesn’t tone down your personality but shows your potential.

  1. Brand yourself


If you’re unique and creative, then you should show just that on your resume. You should never take the approach of being loud or too bold when creating an aesthetically pleasing resume, but you should take a neutral creative approach. This means that you can add a professional photo of yourself and create eye-popping visual headers that don’t scream, “look at me” instead of “this is who I am.” Monotone resumes typically get lost in a sea of desperate cover letters, so it’s important to begin branding yourself by design on your resume. Use colors that will make your resume stand out, but aren’t too loud that it’s hard to concentrate on your skills.

  1. Use columns for organization


Instead of creating bullet point lists all the way down the page, use columns and small info graphics to show more about you in each section. This way, you can grab their attention without them dreading that they have to read more about a person. Not only is this approach visually appealing, but also they’ll remember your resume when going over candidates.

  1. Trendy resume designs


Instead of finding an old template or maybe one that’s on WordPad, Google trendy resume designs that are “in”. Like fashion, people tend to prefer different colors over time. By finding trendier ones, you’ll not only stand out, but you’ll have an aesthetically pleasing resume that meets their preferred requirements and more. If you’re going for a creative job, this is crucial as you can show that you’re up to date with trends and think outside of the box with design.


  1. Be prepared

If you have an out-of-the-box resume design, be prepared when a potential employer asks for another file type. Make sure you have this resume available in .PDF form or Word Document form. If you’re going for a design job, you may want to also have a .psd form ready. If you really want to impress them, include a link to each file type for their convenience.


In conclusion 

It’s not the end of the world if you don’t follow the above tips, but if you’re applying for your dream job, you should take these tips into consideration. Having a jobcoach can help you out a bit more when designing your resume for the specific job you’re trying to nab, so don’t automatically rule out a bit of outside help. After all, you may only come across your dream job once! Never settle for a job again when you take the proper steps in creating the perfect resume.


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Resume Designing Tips

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