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Reaching your audience on Spotify

 An artist on Spotify

Spotify is a huge platform that makes it possible for artists and music creators to share this created content with an audience. This audience in turn will listen to the creators on the platform. To give you a good view of this platform we will give you some important facts around Spotify as a platform. 

Spotify is a company that has been founded in Switserland by two persons. These were Edward and Martin, they did this back in 2006 what makes it quite recent for the size of the company. The company counts over 1.600 employees what makes it the biggest music livestreaming provider there is

It is the direct competition of huge players like iTunes but is, as it seems right now, winning the battle. The big advantage Spotify has is that it is more mobile than an iTunes and provides music for a better price and easier way of using it. This makes it more user friendly and the audience that is using this platform can easily acces the music they would like to acces.

Spotify is a platform that offers their services for free. It works with a freemium model what makes it possible for users to use the platform for free. Additionaly it’s possible for these users to acces the platform and use it in a premium manner. This enables more futures within the platform. Besides that, when an user doesn’t have premium he or she can’t listen to music without hearing ads every 30 minutes.

Spotify plays

Getting more Spotify plays helps an artist to get more out their name and online business in music. Spotify is a huge platforms the also enables smaller artists to get the most out of their ambitions.

When a musician starts him or her career in music it’s quite hard to get the publicity he or she needs. A reason for this is that there are a lot of big names out there that have all the publicity. These are wintered musicians that know what they are doing. Another factor that plays a role in this is that these musicians have the agolrithm of Spotify (and other platforms) and their side.

 When a musician on Spotify has more plays the algorithm will show their numbers more often to people. Having your music shown to more people will help you get your numbers played even more. This is called the snowball effect in music.

Reaching your audience on Spotify

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