Preparing for painting with a paint sprayer part two

Welcome to the second part on our tutorial on how to prepare for painting with a paint sprayer. In the first part about preparing for painting with paintsprayers we discussed covering the floor, sealing off other things, turning of the power and degreasing. Today we will discuss applying primer fixer, applying stain spray and filling up ruptures and holes.


Applying primer fixer

It is possible that the wall gives off white and is very powdery. In the past, white lime was applied on the wall. In this case, remove as much lime as possible from the wall with damp cloths. Then apply a layer of primer fixer. Primer fixing agent is a fast-drying primer for fixing porous, powdery substrates. This means penetrates very deep into the ground. By using our special primer, you prevent leaves in the paint layer.


Apply stain spray

It is also possible that there are stubborn soot stains on the wall. Treat those spots with stain spray, so that you isolate the stain.


Fill up ruptures and holes

Depending on the depth of the holes and cracks, choose a suitable wall filler. Wide cracks can first be covered with building rupture tape and then treated with a wall filler.


Tip! Always work with a wide and narrow filler knife. You use the wise knife as a spatula with a supply of filler. You use the narrow knife for real plameworks. Make sure the putty knife is completely clean and flat.


Worm from the center of the crack to the sides. Finally pull the filler with a smooth movement over the damage. Make sure that the filler remains only in the hole and not on the surrounding wall. Allow each filler layer to harden completely each time.


That’s all for today. Be sure to check out the next part when it comes out.


Preparing for painting with a paint sprayer part two

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