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Reaching your audience on Spotify

 An artist on Spotify Spotify is a huge platform that makes it possible for artists and music creators to share this created content with an audience. This audience in turn will listen to the creators on the platform. To give you a good view of this platform we will give you some important facts around Spotify as a platform.  Spotify is a company that has been founded in Switserland by two persons. These were Edward and Martin, they did this back in 2006 what makes it quite recent for the…

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Five advantages of hiring a wedding DJ

Your wedding should be one big party. Just like any other party the success of your wedding will hinge on the two key variables: the music and the people. You only have a limited influence on who you invite. So that leaves music. Should you hire a wedding band or a wedding DJ? We summed up the advantages of hiring a wedding DJ.   A DJ is cheaper Most DJ’s are cheaper than a wedding band. A DJ just needs his equipment and speakers, while a band needs multiple instruments…

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