Marketing Manager and Photographer in Scotland

Stacking experiences


I remember it well. I set up a commercial photography studio in Zwolle after years of working in the field sales and marketing in the Office Furniture industry. A  relation of mine had an advertising agency in Zwolle and I went to see him to see if we could work together on the photography front. He suggested to me that I should stack knowlegde and exepriences. I didn’t quite undcerstand what he meant by that so I asked for explanation. 


As I have been working in the field of design and interiors, of which many years in the UK, he said I could become succesfull as an interior photograper and product photographer. It took me years to grasp the strength of that message, but got there in the end:



Interior Photography


The photography of commercial interiors became one of the key pillars under the success of STUDIOVHF. The company works for architecs, design and build companies or fit-out companies and office furniture suppliers. 



Commercial photographer Scotland


Now years later the so called ‘stacking of experience’ comes into full swing as the founding photographer Vincent Hartman of STUDIOVHF is moving to Scotland to become the marketing manager and interior photographer of Amos Beech. Amos Beech is a leading workplace consultancy company based in Falkirk, right in the center of the Scottish central belt.


At Amos Beech, Vincent can combine years of sales and marketing experience with the practical skills of a small business owner, marketing his business. In setting up STUDIOVHF he didn’t have a marketing department anymore who helped him with his marketing communication, websites and graphic design. He also had limited finacial resources, so had to learn everything regarding online marketing himself.


Now at Amos Beech he can use aal of this to further stimulate growth of the company.

Marketing Manager and Photographer in Scotland