Make offshore work much safer with necessary lifesaving equipment

Lifesaving equipment should be part of any high quality vessel. This applies especially when you are working in the offshore business. This business is often regarded as a risky place to work. Reason for this are many storms and cold weather. Although, these are only the beginning of the risky factors of working in the offshore market. What makes working offshore particularly risky is the corrosive environment. The combination of salt and water, great temperature drops and, sometimes, bad maintenance, can be a dangerous one. Faulty equipment can cause very dangerous situations, so proper lifesaving equipment is of the utmost importance. Choose a company with a lot of experience when it comes to building and repairing lifesaving equipment and custom works boats, your life may very well depend on it someday.

Custom works boats that fit the needs of your business

Although high quality vessels are of importance for any company in the offshore markets, the needs of those companies vary a lot from one to another. This applies mostly when it comes to the boats in the fleet. It is therefore possible to order a custom works boat form Dutch manufacturer Euro Offshore BV. With over two decades of experience in building work boats and lifesaving equipment, they have both the capacity and the skills to build a proper work boat that will fit your needs and the needs of your company. All custom build, state of the art work boats are in compliance with the latest rules and regulations for offshore vessels. This manufacturer is also capable of distributing custom build works boats virtually anywhere in the world.

Mandatory lifesaving equipment for your day to day operations

Many sailors lost their heart to the beauty of the open sea. Although life and work on the ocean is often romanticized, there is also the dangerous other side of the coin. Storms and a harsh environment are the reasons behind countless of accidents that have claimed the lives of many sailors. In order to reduce these accidents, or at least give a crewmember a fighting chance, SOLAS was founded, back in 1914. SOLAS stands for Safety of Life at Sea, and it consists out of a set of rules and regulation that is applicable to all ships, oil platforms and even custom works boats. SOLAS obligates ships, for instance, to carry rescue boats. Euro Offshore BV is a company that is specialized in all of the lifesaving equipment that your ship is required to carry.


Make offshore work much safer with necessary lifesaving equipment

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