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Magnetic anglers pick four bullets and a (cutlery) knife from the Nieuwe Vecht in Zwolle.

A special catch for magnetic angler Rick Jongsma in Zwolle today, he and a friend fished four bullets and a knife from the Nieuwe Vecht. The police seized the bullets after the catch and took them for investigation.

We ourselves come from Assen where we often go magnetic fishing with the strongest fishing magnet . That’s often just some bikes and nails that we pull up, so we thought we’d go to a slightly big city,” says Rick Jongsma. We ended up in Zwolle and looked up a wide stretch of water via Google Maps, actually a random spot. From the Vondelkade near the bicycle bridge they threw their magnet into the water of the Nieuwe Vecht.

After half an hour the first bullet appears. We just continued, I thought ‘this must be a coincidence’. But after another half hour another bullet came up. In the end we fished four bullets out of the water’.

That’s not all for the two friends from Assen. Jongsma: ,,After three quarters of an hour a car seat suddenly came up, of which the lining had been opened. The inside of the seat had been completely emptied. Then a knife came up as well”. The fishermen finally called the police. According to the policeman who came to see them, the bullets are quite new, the 7.62 x 39 mm calibre was still there to be read. The bullets were taken by the policeman, not the knife. We took them home with us, we didn’t want to leave them there or throw them back in the water”.

Magnetic fishing is a hobby for Jongsma and his friend. Nice to do in between. This was just a day out. Maybe we should go to Zwolle more often’.