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How does multi-touch attribution work with Criteo display ads?

A good marketer knows that if a result is too good to be true, it probably isn’t. A good idea against false data is qualitative data and a different attribution model. The customer journey never ends at one touchpoint, because it’s the collaborative effort of all the touchpoints that come before conversion.  Be careful with the data you’re looking at; you might be getting false information. The best way to combat skimpy, misleading data is to collect qualitative data or use a different attribution model. Let’s say I’m an online seller. I may see that my marketing campaign completed the customer journey, but it may not be true. Rather, there are always multiple touchpoints that lead to conversion. Criteo commerce display results aren’t telling you the truth.


Criteo’s misleading reporting will be no match for you with Odyssey’s insightful data. Remember that Insight comes before Criteo’s claim of conversions. Odyssey enables marketers to use multi-touch attribution to get the full value of platforms like Criteo. It can be difficult to determine where a customer was before they convert. However, insight into what’s happening elsewhere in the marketing funnel will help you understand an ad’s true value. Odyssey enables marketers to use multi-touch attribution to find out where a lead came from and determine the true value of platforms like Criteo. 


Google Analytics may provide some insight into what is being generated with Criteo. However, Google Analytics still uses last-click attribution, which means the results are misleading. Odyssey provides marketers with a complete customer journey, correcting the past of each conversion.  Although Google Analytics is helpful for understanding what kind of results are being generated with Criteo, it isn’t enough. Google Analytics works with the last-click attribution model and consequently isn’t the best platform to make Criteo’s misleading results straight. Odyssey has an entire customer journey in mind and will show marketers what really happened with each conversion.