Go with the name you know, buy an Ariston Velis electric water heater

Ariston, the electric boiler brand. An introduction. 

Ariston is a subsidiary of Ariston Thermo Group and has been producing electric water heaters since the mid 1960’s. Ariston is one of the world’s most wellknown brand and sells in over 150 countries. Of late Ariston has been faced with stiff competition from brands like Wesen, a highly innovative brand. Ariston Velis storage water heaters are high end products that are energy efficient and are equipped with the latest technology.

Ariston Velis stands for both comfort and style with an aesthetic appearance. It was styled by Umberto Palermo at Up design and has that typical Italian classiness about it. It will harmoniously fit in any bathroom and oozes luxury. It is a wall hung unit that can be installed multipositional.

Technical aspects of the Velis water heater

The Ariston Velis is one of the slimmest electric boilers on the market, measuring a mere 10.6” in depth. It is, however, not quite as slim as its competitor the Wesen Inox Flat(10.3”) and the Wesen Inox Silver (9.47”). Its two enamel steel tanks speed up heating by up to 60% compared to the conventional 1 tank storage heater.

Wesen has the same fast heating as the Velis, but has a very low maintenance stainless steel tank with hardly any corrosion. The PUR foam insulation of the Ariston Velis helps retain the heat of the water.

Think Green, buy an ECO water heater

The ECO function continuously monitors your water heater only firing up the heating element when required creating considerable energy savings in the process. This ECO function is also present in both the Wesen Inox Flat and Wesen Silver flat electric boilers. The daily programming function allows you to program the water heater according to your daily needs. We have the 50 litre Waterheaterstore.co.uk and the 80 litre Ariston Velis on our website.

is the link you need to click on to see the entire range of ECO water heaters.

Go with the name you know, buy an Ariston Velis electric water heater

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