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Get your LM 2500 gas turbine at the specialized company

A LM 2500 gas turbine is commonly used in the marine industry, offshore industry, or power generation plants. This turbine lets air flows through the compressor to heighten the air pressure. But if you are looking for a LM 2500 gas turbine supplier, you want a company that is reliable. Mechanical Field Support B.V. is based in the Netherlands and is a reliable partner in gas turbines. They offer two types of LM 2500 gas turbines: The LM 2500 delivering 33.600 shp and the LM 2500+ delivering 40.500 shp. Whichever of these works for you depends on the industry you work in and for what purposes you need to use it.

What are the advantages of this gas turbine?

The LM 2500 gas turbine offers several advantages when you get them at Mechanical Field Support B.V. For example, they are of high quality, they are offered at competitive prices, have a high efficiency and more importantly, a low downtime. Of course the company is ISO, VCA and SCC certified. This ensures you get a high quality gas turbine. This company is specialized in gas turbine maintenance, services, parts and site management. They have expanded to all over the world and provide their services to several different industries.

Looking for other LM series?

If you are looking for other LM series beside the 2500 or 2500+, then Mechanical Field Support B.V. can also be of service. They offer the LM 1600, 5000, and 6000 as well. All these series are highly recommended. They are equipment of high quality at great prices. They are excellent choices looking at the benefits offered, such as high efficiency and low downtime. If you have any questions regarding the LM 2500 gas turbines or the other series, do not hesitate to ask the specialists of Mechanical Field Support B.V. They work with this kind of equipment since the start of their enterprise in 2001. So they have a lot of experience.