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Five tips from Richard Branson to help you become more successful

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Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, which includes more than 400 companies, and author of the super-popular books Fuck It All! Take it and do it ”(read kanban in our library) and“ Losing your innocence ”, told Enterpreneur how to be more successful by setting the right goals and intentions.

Start every day from scratch

If you are bogged down in the problems or unresolved issues of yesterday, then it will be difficult for you to start moving on and achieve your goals. For Richard, that means relaxing a little. Start your morning by exercising outdoors or meditating. Do whatever it takes to calm your mind.

Write down your future goals, plans and intentions

By writing down your ideas and thoughts, then it will be easier for you to put them into practice.

Use your time wisely

For an entrepreneur, time is perhaps more valuable than money. Richard uses every free minute. He even interviewed Virgin Group CEO Josh Baileys while stuck in traffic on his way to a meeting. So if you are on an airplane, in a traffic jam, or on the subway, think about how you can make use of those free minutes or hours.

Think ahead

We cannot change our past. Therefore, it makes no sense to think about what has already happened. The real key to being productive is planning, thinking ahead. Always try to generate new ideas and thoughts, write them down, find new contacts and resources with which you can bring your ideas to life.


When we are in a state of flux, time flies by. In this state, we are not only as productive as possible, but also enjoy our work. Learn to concentrate on difficult tasks and you will be able to move mountains.

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