Five advantages of hiring a wedding DJ

Your wedding should be one big party. Just like any other party the success of your wedding will hinge on the two key variables: the music and the people. You only have a limited influence on who you invite. So that leaves music. Should you hire a wedding band or a wedding DJ? We summed up the advantages of hiring a wedding DJ.


A DJ is cheaper

Most DJ’s are cheaper than a wedding band. A DJ just needs his equipment and speakers, while a band needs multiple instruments and more space.


Much ability

A wedding DJ has the ability to tap into a music library of more than 50.000 songs. So, you have the guarantee that he has a music selection that works for all your guests, even for  the teenagers and the grandparents. A DJ knows the classic wedding songs, but also the upbeat dance songs.


A perfect sound volume

A band might have a cleared sound, but sometimes the sound is to loud. A DJ can easily modulate the wattage.


Less space

A band needs a stage, while a wedding DJ just needs some space for his equipment. If your reception hall is not large enough, than a DJ might be the best choice for you.


No breaks

Mostly a band takes a break, while a DJ doesn’t. A DJ just drinks Red Bull and keeps going on. Maybe this is a minor issue, but keep it in mind.


Five advantages of hiring a wedding DJ

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