Energy-efficient electric water heaters by Wesen

Wesen storage water heater with an energylabel A

If you purchase the Wesen ECO 30 litre storage water heater with A label you will get one of the energy-efficient electric water heaters currently available. The Wesen ECO water heater 30 litre has the highest label currently available. The other models in the ECO series are classed label B for energy consumption. 

Energy-efficient and modern looking electric boiler 

Being energy-efficient is one important thing, but the manufacturer has also spent a lot of time on the beautiful contemporary design of this electric boiler. The Wesen electric water heater with 30 litre capacity measures just 25 cm in depth and has an attractive flat design with nicely rounded edges.

The 20mm thick layer of insulation foam is the latest in PUR foam keeping the temperature inside the tanks at an optimum temperature. The digital controller automatically switches the two heating elements on when needed. Each of the enamel steel tanks has such as an element. One is 800 watt, the other 1200 watt. Maximum heating capacity is 2000 watt.

The smart controller is self-programming. During a week it will monitor your hot water consumption and set the most economical program automatically. This lowers the energy consumption considerably. You can, of course, also set the desired temperature manually.

These ECO storage water heaters are amongst the most economical currently available on the market and are very attractively priced. Besides the Wesen ECO 30 litre there is also a 50,80 and 100 litre unit. These are equipped with the same technique as the 30 litre and have a energy label B. The ECO 80 and ECO 100 are merely 30 cm deep. 

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Energy-efficient electric water heaters by Wesen

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