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Customize: 3 ways to implement your corporate identity

Your corporate identity is one of the most important parts of your company. It tells your story, which helps with creating better relations with your customers. Many people think that corporate identity is something that should only be used on a website and social media, but that’s not true at all. In this blog we’ll give you three ways you can implement your corporate identity in other sections of your company.

1. E-mail

Let’s start online. Your e-mail is your online business card. This is the way for your company to have direct contact with your customers. Your corporate identity is more important than ever here! It can be used in several ways: try to implement the colors of your company in your e-mail, but also think about the general tone-of-voice. If you use a catchphrase, it’s smart to implement this as well, as this is something that really sticks around in the brain of a customer. 

2. Business presentations

Do you and your company often talk in business meeting? That’s a great opportunity to show off your corporate identity as well. Make sure to include your logo in the slides of your presentation, as well as you use the right font and colors. This isn’t only good for the representation of your company: 

it also creates a powerful presentation, that doesn’t consist of loose slides but one big unity. 

3. Warehouse

Your proud of the colors you wear, right? No reason not to use it in your warehouse then. This might sound hard at first, but once you’ve taken a look at noltemezzanine.com, it no longer is. Here you can order customized mezzanine floors. These floors aren’t just customized in size, you’re also free to use whichever color you want. Your corporate identity has never been more clear, as anyone walking into your warehouse is immediately reminded of it. 

Curious to what Nolte Mezzanine can mean for your company? Take a look at their website! They have several warehouse solutions and are willing to give advise to anyone too. Get in touch immediately!