Choose the Montblanc rollerball that fits your style

When you are looking for the perfect pen, a Montblanc rollerball is your best option. These pens are of exquisite quality and bring a lot of joy to the table. Signing documents or taking notes will never be the same. At Appelboom you find a broad range of writing equipment of the highest quality. They make the perfect present when your children are graduating or when you want to thank your business partner for everything they’ve done. The perfect Montblanc rollerball pen is found in the web shop of Appelboom.

Only buy from an authorized Montblanc dealer

Appelboom is an authorized Montblanc dealer. By getting your Montblanc rollerball pen here, you know you get the right products and you can rely on the knowledgeable service of their employees. Pens from this brand combine the traditional art of writing with the functional beauty of European craftmanship. Montblanc has released several lines of their incredible rollerballs. Get inspired by the Montblanc Great Characters line with the beautiful James Dean pen. Or experience the John F. Kennedy ballpoint or fountain pens. Are you a jazz fan? Then the Miles Davis edition is the perfect match for you. Browse through the online store and find your best fit.

Write without a care in the world

At Appelboom you receive a two-year warranty on every Montblanc item. This way, you will be assured of great quality and reliability. Next to a Montblanc rollerball, you can find many more items in their online store. Make sure to browse through and find what you are looking for. Shipments go worldwide and are very quick. This way you can enjoy your new piece of writing equipment soon! Any questions you might have, you can direct them at the very helpful customer service of Appelboom. They can tell you anything you need to know about their products and will help you find the perfect item!


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