Buying and Selling FIFA Coins – Tips

Since the EA Sports football game FIFA 09 Ultimate Team introduced the component, this component has been the most popular in all the games that followed. The first year played more than one million people FUT part, over five years later, these are more than 12 million. The virtual currency coins or coins were called in Dutch. Because so many people are playing the FIFA Ultimate Team coins, outside official channels, has become a real business. Hundreds of websites these coins will buy and sell. This is called gold farming, and is also reflected in games like World of Warcraft, NFL, Final Fantasy and ArcheAge Online. Because these companies can earn coins yourself, the coins are also purchased from normal players of the game. Gamers who sell their coins in Ultimate Team get here than euros or dollars for. Again when buying FIFA 16 Coins the same rules apply.


Value FIFA 15 Ultimate Team coins into euros
How many euros you get a million coins depends on the console of the month. Thus, the demand for the cheapest currencies in September (game comes out), Jan. (TOTY comes from), Jun (TOTS comes from), the largest. You get this period most often euros for your earned in-game currency. The amounts below are an average per platform for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team and researched on January 24, 2015.
PlayStation 3: 1 million coin to get average: 7 euro
PlayStation 4: For 1 million coin to get average: 7 euro
iOS: For 1 million coin you get an average of 2 euro (not many websites buy these from you about)
Xbox 360: First one million coin you get an average of 6 euros

How do I sell my coins?
At one site, you must first send an email to the administrator to inquire about the possibility of selling the coins. On other websites, this is an automated system. Once there are clear agreements regarding the sale, the website places a card on the transfer (sale or auction) in Ultimate Team of the Year choice. You will receive clear instructions to the player to look for and how many coins it will cost. Once you have purchased the card makes the website money to you about.

How do you get paid the Euros?
For people from the Netherlands and Belgium is the best way to get the money via PayPal or Moneybookers. However, most websites give preference to the first option. You can pick up a free account through the PayPal website. Once your information has been validated, you can use the online bank account. You get the cointraders the amount deposited in this account. Then it’s simple to get the money in your Dutch or Belgian bank account.

Disclaimer: Buying coins the maker of FIFA often condone. Though they of course prefer that you buy the coins through the official EA channel. Players who buy or sell coins may get a timeout, reprimanded and ultimately a ban. Advice is to refrain from these activities and only on, by EA Sports and FIFA Ultimate Team, earn money permitted manner.

Buying and Selling FIFA Coins – Tips

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