Awesome Interview Tips

Looking for a job can be extremely nerve-wracking as applying can seem easy, but nailing the interview is tough. If you’ve already hired a jobcoach, they may have sent you to do some research of your own on interview tips before the big day. Below, we’ll give you our best tips to help you exceed at nailing that interview. Are you ready for your dream job?


  1. Know your employer


It’s so very crucial to actually know the company that you’re trying to get a job at. Make sure to research their hiring manager, the job opportunity itself as well as the overall company statistics and story. Are they a good company to work for? What kind of questions or potential employees do they seek? When you’re able to research the hiring manager and the company, you’re able to give them the answers they want to hear during the interview process. By knowing information on the company, you can then formulate your own questions to ask the hiring manager and seem impressive compared to others.


  1. Reviewing interview questions for your field


Working off of the above, make sure to research past interviewees and their questions. This will help you formulate successful responses to these questions and help keep your nerves down. A really great way to memorize your responses is to associate with each response to an experience in your life. This will help you remember which answer is which and to help calm you down. Many people get nervous over the fact that they don’t know what’s going to happen and what’s going to be asked. Thankfully, there are databases filled with interview questions within each industry.


  1. Dress for success


Now that you’ve researched the company and the job opportunity, you’re going to want to dress appropriately. It may be a casual environment, so take the business casual route. If it’s not casual and requires fit, clean and pressed, you may want to keep jewelry to a minimum as well as tone down the bold colors or accessories. If you must impress with the highest and cleanest fashion aesthetic, using neutrals like nude, black and white are great colors to go with. Bold prints may be a bit too harsh, but something non-distracting is best.


  1. Always arrive on time


This should be a no brainer, but you must always arrive early. If you arrive 15 minutes early, you look prepared, eager and ready for a job. Unless you’ve just crashed your car or some other disaster, there is virtually no excuse to be late to an interview. Not only will this make you appear more desirable, but you will also have more room to fill out paperwork and allow them to get to know you a bit more. Instead of leaving all of your preparations for the morning of, you should highly consider gathering everything the night before. Get together your resume, CVS and references as well as portfolios (if needed), paper and pens as well as laying out your interview clothing beforehand.


Other tips to include:


  • Keep your cell phone off or on silent
  • Do not chew any gum
  • Never come without a pen
  • Always be upbeat


 LoopbaanbegeleidingIn conclusion


These are just a few of the crucial tips you’ll need to succeed in your interview with your dream job. Since you’re reading this, that means you care about the job you’re applying for a great deal and should take it very seriously. With a jobcoach, you can help perfect your interview responses and more.


Awesome Interview Tips

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