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Animal feed supplements that reduce dietary cation anion difference

As a farmer, you want the dietary cation anion difference to be in balance, as this means optimal milk production in cows and prevents health problems like milk fever. Cows that have just calved need more calcium. In order to ensure that they do not get a severe calcium deficiency that leads to milk fever, they need feed that has potent and palatable anionic salts. Feed that has the right dietary cation anion balance and a reduced difference. Therefore you should buy high-quality animal feed from a reliable company. Kimtec International is such a company. They specialize in the development of high-end animal feed products that help keep your animals happy and healthy.

Choose from a variety of animal feed solutions that prevent deficiencies

Kimtec International has more animal feed solutions than those for dietary cation anion difference. They can help you increase milk production in your dairy cows, feed dry cows, and have a number of dairy feed additives for optimal milk production. Their ProGlyc® products, for instance, contain a glucose precursor that prevents glucose deficiency in your cows, sheep, and goats. This is beneficial for their health, but also for fertility and milk production. Providing your animals with the right feed is therefore good for them and for your company. What more could you want as a farmer?

Contact them for more information

Do you want supplements that reduce dietary cation anion difference and restore balance? Or are you in need of other additives for animal feed, such as glucose precursors? Check out the website of Kimtec International for more information about their innovative animal feed products. Or simply contact them if you want to learn more about their products or have a specific question. Their experts are happy to help you find the right additives for your animal feed. With the help of their animal feed supplements, you can ensure a happy and healthy life for your cows, sheep, or goats.