An electric central heating boiler connected to solar panels

An electric boiler as an alternative 

If you have solar panels or are planning to install them an electric boiler is perfect to provide energy to heat your house. Cut out gas by switching to electricity generated by solar power, save money and help sustain the planet. Go online and check our range of electric system boilers

If you do not have gas available or you would only like to use electricity to heat your house then an electric boiler is a serious option to consider. Our electric system boiler has a compact size and is easy to install. It doesn’t need annual maintenance and emits no carbon monoxide.

The advantages of an electric heating boiler

  • No annual servicing cost;
  • Little maintenance;
  • 99.5% efficiency;
  • The boiler can be set to 33, 66 or 100% power output;
  • No carbon monoxide emission;
  • An unvented system with no flue gas duct;
  • Very compact dimensions;
  • Easy installation;
  • The perfect combination with solar panels;

Heat your house with an electric heating boiler

The Elterm is not for supplying hot water. It is only to heat up your house. It is, however, easy to install onto your existing central heating system. Hot water can be provided by installing an additional electric water storage heater. 

Consult a certified electrician before purchasing

Always consult a certified electrician if you have sufficient power output on your existing fuse box or if you need to slightly alter it. 4kW requires a separate single phase group of 20A. The 6kW model a separate single phase group of 32A. Models of 9kW and over require three phase power current.

This chart shows how many square metres the various models will supply. The square metres indicated is based on a space with a height of 2.4 metres.

Power     Space       

  • 4 kW   -> 50 m2       
  • 6 kW   -> 70 m2      
  • 9 kW   -> 110 m2
  • 12 kW -> 150 m2
  • 18 kW -> 220 m2
  • 24 kW -> 300 m2

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An electric central heating boiler connected to solar panels

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